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Thursday, October 04, 2007
due to a lack of resources in penning his thoughts, the author has decided to end this blog till further notice.

rusty nail 7:35 PM

Thursday, September 13, 2007

today is the third consecutive day that i'm stuck at home.
had my wisdom ops on tuesday, and the mc is till next tuesday. and that means im supposed to stay at home for a good 7 days. yes, i guess it's good to have a 'block leave' after such a long time (it's the first i had this year), but den staying at home is really boring. kinda reminded me off the sars period where everyone was to be quarantined at home for i dunno, 2 wks or so? not to mention that my face looks so swollen and puffy. like really bloated. and the medicine thats supposed to reduce the infammation doesnt seem to work. sheesh.
but luckily, my com's back after it crashed nearly a week ago. so everyday is just eating, watching tv, reading and surfing. really kinda boring. have to wait till monday where i can breathe some fresh air when i go for the checkup.
till then, hopefully people will come online more often to keep me company.. haha.
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

the champions are in the relegation zone. wad an irony. ferguson must have miscalculated. or it's the curse of the charity shield. but anyway, its a depressing sunday evening. sucks.

another week passed. slowly but surely. the weekend was alright i guess. spent most of the time at home. i guess i am getting lazy. friday night was not too bad a chillout in my opinion, maybe just a lil tired. and the jam at esplanade was horrible. horrible. saturday night was at wala for a short while, before heading for mahjong. overnight was crazy. 8 hrs. i swear i wasnt thinkin straight by that time. first time i din lose that much. and today was just recuperating. other than visiting wei, who had a fracture.

should i go australia n hk both in dec? that would be helluva month, and helluva money to be spent. sians. i shd stop finding problems for myself.

rusty nail 10:33 PM

Saturday, August 04, 2007

my blog's becoming a dengue infested area according to lide, being stagnant for too long and breeding mosquitoes. finally had some time to keep this a safe and healthy place. if there are still mosquitoes buzzing ard your area, pls call 1800-X-DENGUE. tan kheng hua will come teach you how to keep your place dengue free in 10 minutes.

anyway main point. been reading this book called the kama sutra of business (its clean btw) and i must say i've been quite inspired. actually i realised there are more values to take away than business management, but nonetheless i think its one of the better books i read recently. shall share a point on the blog today, as part of the plan to prevent stagnancy and mozzie breeding. afterall, you bleed for the country, not the mozzies. haha.

i think at one stage of life or another, one would ask himself this question: what is happiness? or how should one live to be happy? on the surface, it may seem a pretty easy question. being happy is doing things you like, hanging out with people you like, etc etc. however, i feel that the key to happiness, or happyness some call it, is contentment. being contented, void of all wants, desires, cravings would make you happy.

whenever you have wants or desires, you would have to find means and ways to satisfy it, which can be quite painful during the process. the more you want it, and the more you try, and if you failed to get wad you want, you end up being sad, hurt and the like. the examples are countless, thus i guess i need not elaborate much. thus only when one is contented can you be happy with life. this reminds me of smth we always hear in army, which come to think of it now, is quite true. don't compare. cos no matter wad, there will definitely be other people whose life are better than yours. life is never really fair to begin with. but if you were fair to yourself, you would not try so hard to achieve unachievable objectives which you end up being the one who suffers. of course, we are not disencouraging people not to be enterprising, but at times, just be contented.

life, afterall, is a zero sum game. you gain some, you lose some. it happens to everyone, no matter how fortunate your life is.
rusty nail 7:48 PM

Saturday, June 23, 2007

realised i haven blogged in a while.
not that there's nothing to blog about. there's stuff like korn's commissioning, driving practical, grandpa's death anniversary and such, budden just dun have feeling to blog. but anyway these 2 wks were quite on the whole though. boss not around, so relax a bit. still worked but not as stressful..

yup. decided to blog today. cos i feel like it. haha. had a pretty shag and injury-prone day today. but its quite a well spent saturday i must say. actually it started off with thursday evening which felt like friday evening. seldom go out on weekdays, end up very tired during work on friday. lucky no one is around. haha! anw good to see 69 pple, at this really secret-ty place called secret garden. yup pple like bum n cliff whom i haven seen in a while, and also the same few 69 pple whom i met quite frequently these few weeks but never really seem to get bored with.

as for today, had soccer in the morning. i think brendan is the missing link! tag n nic n brendan plus me seems promising. den rushed all the way to ecp. i really dun like the east sia. i feel quite hopeless there. cant navigate by myself. met the daji pple, including thongkent n xiangmin whom i haven seen in ages. really ages. den also tried rollerblading. although i iceskated once but that was 5 yrs ago! and needless to say i fall until i lost count already. have this huge bruise plus cut on my right elbow now. (maybe can attn c? haha) literally learned the meaning of standing up again after you fall. think i managed to get the rough idea, but still not confident enough. but will def try again if there is a chance. have to fall more den you will learn i guess? haha. finally, just came back from section dinner. talking abt life in our diff units was really entertaining, not forgetting reminisicing our sispec life. think everyone have their own share of joy and pain, but ultimately, we still gonna ORD loh! hmmm, shd meet up with the signals pple soon too. maybe even the bmt pple, though i think i dun rmb some of them le. haha.
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Friday, June 01, 2007

do not judge a book by its cover.
but without a presentable cover, will you read the book?
or do you read the book cos of its rave reviews?
or, maybe even, the book just happen to be opened and you just happen to read it?
some people dun read books.
some people love to read.
what type of book do you enjoy reading?
adventure, horror, romance, etc etc.
i wanna read a good book soon.

ps. i have no idea wad i am writing actually.
rusty nail 10:57 PM

Sunday, May 27, 2007

stressful week!
from monday to friday i was practically busy all day long. many at times i even worked with a certain amt of fear within. this wk my boss was suddenly very displeased with me and my assistant. apparently he felt we had difficulty working tgt. and had repeatedly mention he wanna speak to us. was really quite taken back especially when he spoke with a tense and stern face on tues. i was totally stunned. i hope things will be better in office this wk. at least i will be around all the time, so shdnt have problem. he's qt pissed that my assistant have to keep asking me stuff while i was outta office.
den thursday was the air force gig. sucks. i was totally irritated by the organising party and the crowd. they simply had no respect for musicians. period.
the weekend, however was quite interesting though, albeit tiring. din sleep as much as i wanted to. =( but it was quite fun in the sense that we took funny photos at raffles hotel at qianyi's hall production on friday, zhanwei came back and joined us for 69 outing and kajiao-ed khai tgt on saturday and finally the k session today. really quite shag out though. lolx.
please let next wk be fine!
rusty nail 10:17 PM